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All translations are made and checked by professional translators.

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The prices shown in our instant quote calculator refer to normal translations, where professional translators translate text into files such as pdf, doc, text or odt. If you require a certified translation or a document to be translated into a special format such as Autocad, we ask you to fill out our contact form. We will then contact you and tell the price and delivery time for the requested translation document.

You can also request a quote by sending an email to info@kielimuuli.fi. Remember to attach all the files that need to be translated.

How does Kielimuuli.fi work?

Kielimuuli.fi is the most flexible translation service on the market. We provide high-quality translations to all industries with dozens of languages. Our service is based on a network of more than 30 000 professional translators. From this network, we pick the most suitable translator for your document.

We offer translations for:

  • General texts
  • Marketing materials
  • Contracts and legal documents
  • Certified translations
  • Technical drawings and instructions
  • Texts containing financial terminology etc.

Every translation is forwarded to a professional translator, who is the most suitable in the particular industry!

You will receive an accurate quote instantly from our calculator, so you do not need to wait hours or days for the quote. Simply insert all the necessary information into the calculator to receive an instant quote for price and delivery. We do not ask for your billing information before you are ready to confirm the order. All translations are made professionally and we give a quality guarantee* for our translations.

The prices shown in our Instant Quote calculator refer to normal translations where professional translators translate text into files such as pdf, doc, text or odt. If you require a certified translation or a document to be translated into a special format such as Autocad, we ask you to fill out our contact form. We will then contact you and tell you the price and delivery time for the requested translation document.

Kielimuuli.fi Online Translation Service is a Finnish Service. The service is designed by TinyGiant, a digital agency located in Imatra, who provides cost-effective sales and marketing services to promote the internationalization of companies.

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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use


Kielimuuli.fi offers a comprehensive warranty concerning both quality and delivery times.

We deal with all complaints on an individual basis and we always aim to satisfy our customers. If you are not satisfied with the quality of work, we offer you a new translation. If the second translation does not meet your expectations either, you have the possibility to obtain financial compensation. Help on how to contest the work and start the compensation process can be found below.

If the translation is delayed by more than a third of the promised timetable of the total translation work and the delay is not caused by the customer, we will give you a discount of at least 50%.

General Conditions of Sale

These conditions apply to all translation works ordered through the kielimuuli.fi service.

All orders must be made through the website of kielimuuli.fi, e-mail or regular mail. The customer receives an order confirmation, which includes the exact price and delivery time.

The kielimuuli.fi service is, in principle, designed for companies. This is why the prices shown on our website do not include VAT. Nevertheless, even individuals are welcome to use the kielimuuli.fi service.

If the right kind of translation of a document requires additional information (such as example documents or statistical information), the Customer must deliver all necessary material of this kind together with the order.

The price of the translation is calculated on the basis of the word count, unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing between the parties. If the customer decides to cancel the order, he is obliged to pay for all the work already undertaken. As regards work that has not been started yet, the client is obliged to pay 50% of the price of work. If the order is cancelled before is has been sent to the translator for translation, no fee will be charged.

The customer receives an invoice upon receipt of the translation. This invoice is payable within 14 days. If payment is late, we will add a reminder fee of 5.00 € to the invoice amount and apply a penalty interest rate of 7.50% . Kielimuuli.fi can check the customer's creditworthiness at the time of purchase. This requires, in some cases, checking the customers' credit rating.

The administrator of the kielimuuli.fi service can demand payment in advance from the Customer if he sees fit.

In case of pending payments, a customer's pending orders may be suspended and / or not delivered to the customer until the payment has been controlled.

The service provider can not be held responsible for style matters in the ready translation. In other words, the kielimuuli.fi service is responsible for the grammatical correctness of the translations, but not for matters regarding the style of the translation. This applies in particular to the translations of sales and marketing materials, except where otherwise agreed in writing in advance. If the errors are detected in the translations provided by kielimuuli.fi, the service provider must correct the error. Kielimuuli.fi is not responsible for any indirect costs possibly caused by the error, and the recoverable sum is limited to the sum the customer agreed to pay for the order.

All complaints must be submitted in writing and filed by email (info@kielimuuli.fi) within seven days after delivery of the translation. The complaint must include an explanatory note, all documentation provided by the customer for the translation, and the translation to which the complaint relates to. If the customer does not present the complaint within seven days, the translation shall be deemed to be accepted by the Customer.

All complaints will be dealt with individually. Kielimuuli.fi provides a corrected translation work to the customer. If the defect is not minor, the customer can also be offered a reduction in price. The service provider shall have the right to determine the type of error and the amount of the price discount offered in its sole discretion.

The service provider shall not be responsible for delays arising from events of force majeure. These may include, for example, service outages and data connection failures caused by equipment failure. If the delivery of the translation is late due to such a reason, the customer is not entitled to a price reduction.

If the delivery of the translation work is delayed by more than a third of the promised timetable of the total translation work, the customer has the right to obtain a price reduction, the amount of which is at least 50% and max. 100% of the final sum to be charged for the translation work. The final price reduction will be agreed between the customer and the service provider in each case.

Individual or minor errors in the translation do not automatically lead to the rejection of the translation work as a whole and to a replacement with a completely new translation. If he sees fit, the service provider has the right to correct errors directly into the translation work that was already delivered. All rights to the translation work will remain with the service provider until the customer has paid the agreed fee on the translation. The service provider has the right to prevent the publication of translated material, if the customer has not fulfilled its payment obligations.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that he has all rights to provide all the material to the kielimuuli.fi service that is to be translated.

Disputes arising from the use of the service are governed by Finnish law. All disputes arising under this Agreement, which can not be solved by mutual agreement, are settled in the South Karelia District Court (Etelä-Karjalan käräjäoikeus).

The kielimuuli.fi service uses cookies (Eng. Cookies). With the help of cookies we can develop the online service in order to make it even more customer friendly. The aim of cookies on kielimuuli.fi is to ease up, improve and speed up the user experience. Furthermore, cookies can be used to facilitate customers better product recommendations and more individualized access to offers and services. Cookies are usually small text files that the server of kielimuuli.fi stores on the Customer's hard disc. Some contents of kielimuuli.fi require cookies to be enabled in order to function properly. Customers can disable cookies in their browser. Disabling cookies, however, may reduce the functionality of kielimuuli.fi so that some features may not work.

Authoritative language

This text is the English translation of our Finnish Terms and Conditions. In case of doubt the Finnish text shall prevail.

Privacy Policy

Kielimuuli.fi ("Registrar") respects the privacy and is committed to protecting the privacy of persons using the service ("User"). This privacy policy informs about how the Registrar processes personal data of Users and the what privacy practices are employed by the Registrar. Personal data means all user information that can identify a specific User, such as name, address and email address.

Collected data

The register contains User information belonging to the following groups:

  • Name and Address Information
  • Telephone number (s)
  • E-mail address
  • Personal identification number
  • Citizenship
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • IP address
  • Bank connections

The information is gathered from the Users themselves at the beginning of the use of the service. In addition, data can be updated and supplemented during the use of the service.

The Registrar may on its own initiative or at the User's request, complete, correct or erase any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data. The registry operator has the right to retain collected data for an unlimited period.


The registrar will do everything in their power to ensure the confidential treatment of customer documents and customer data.

Disclosure of information

All information submitted to the kielimuuli.fi service will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties with the exception of the documentation related to translation work carried out by the service contractors. Even then, only as much information is made available as is necessary for carrying out the translation. The kielimuuli.fi service translators are living in different parts of the world, so the information can be disclosed both inside and outside the EU and EEA areas.

Exceptions to the disclosure of information will be made in situations where the service provider is obliged by law to disclose the information, for example to an authority.

Right of inspection

The User has the right to inspect the information held about him/her in the register and do so, free of charge, once per year. If a User wishes to exercise their right of inspection, they must first send a signed inspection request to the Registrar at the address shown below.


This privacy statement may be subject to change, to be published on the website of the kielimuuli.fi service. The Registrar informs the customer of any material changes in writing by e-mail, regular mail or by publishing information on the changes on the website of kielimuuli.fi.

Protecting the register

The register is stored on a server protected by the Registrar's password and, therefore, only the Registrar has access to the information contained therein. Use of the information is protected by user names and a passwords. The register is protected by all appropriate technical and organizational measures. The data is contained within common databases that are protected by user names, passwords and other technical means. The servers which hold the databases are located in locked premises. The databases are only accessible for processing by such individuals who have been authorized by the Registrar.


The User has the option to contact the Registrar at any time at the address below.

TinyGiant Oy
F. O. Virtasenkatu 6, 55100 Imatra
010 5044100
www.kielimuuli.fi or www.tinygiant.fi